Your safety net: SERVIEW exam insurance

SERVIEW exam insurance is our weapon against stage fright. With this special service, you don’t have to feel pressured to take an exam because you can retake all the tests in your training once free of charge if you don’t pass the first time.

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This way, you can approach your individual challenge in a more relaxed and concentrated manner since you don’t have any additional costs if you fail. Despite our excellent pass rates, we can’t guarantee 100% exam success. But thanks to our exam insurance, you can take your exams with a new level of confidence, relaxed and focused. The exam insurance price is based on the exam fees and varies depending on the training.

An example:

If you take an exam for €225.00 with the exam insurance for €49.00 and fail the exam, you don’t have to pay another €225.00 exam fee. If you retake the exam, you save €176.00 with exam insurance – that’s more than 80%.