Roles and certificates: Your path within scrum

Would you like to know what certifications you need in order to be successful in the scrum framework? Then you have come to the right place! Scrum is associated with three different roles, that pose quite different challenges for you. In that respect, official certificates are particularly important for two of them: Scrum Master and Product Owner.

The Scrum Master: Pioneer and Coach

As Scrum Master, it is your task to ensure that scrum works efficiently.  You are a Servant Leader, and support both your scrum team and the entire company in implementing scrum. You assist developers in getting organized, and engage in high quality work that fulfills user expectations. It is also your task to dispel any obstacles – of a professional, structural or personal nature – and ensure a positive, productive mindset. Not least, you help the Product Owner to find suitable methods in order to develop the definitions required by him or her. In addition, you can, and should, based on your position, promote the cooperation between all parties involved and the stakeholders, in a beneficial manner.

All these different tasks require a wealth of knowledge and skills from the Scrum Master. Scrum Master training helps you to lay the foundation for your career, and purposefully prepare yourself for the PSM1 certification awarded by

Further along your career path, the PSM2 qualification awarded by is of great value. This qualification enables you to broaden your competence, and learn more about dealing with complex obstacles. In addition, you will learn advanced collaboration techniques, and acquire an in-depth understanding of various perspectives on scrum, within and outside your team.

Further advantageous qualifications in this field include Scrum with Kanban (PSK) and Scrum with Nexus (SPS). Kanban helps you and your team to constantly improve the throughput of work and efficiency. Nexus, on the other hand, is especially interesting if you wish to link a number of scrum teams with one another and purposefully coordinate them.

The Product Owner: Gain control over the backlog

Should you decide on the route of being a Product Owner, backlog management will be one of your main tools, so as to maximize the value of the product that is created. What features are tackled by the scrum team, and in what sequence, depends upon your decision. So that you can ensure that product targets and backlog entries are at all times transparent and visible, as well as being understood by all parties involved, your resulting key competence will be smooth, precise communication.

You are responsible for the resulting value of the product. This gives you significant decision-making power and means that you bear the corresponding responsibility. A targeted Product Owner course, as well as the PSPO1 certification awarded by, will prepare you comprehensively for said role. You will not only learn the basics of scrum, but will also gain a deep insight into successful methods of prioritization and estimating the time and effort involved.

It is, moreover, possible to acquire further methods and expertise by engaging in PSPO2 training. Should you be interested in such an advanced course, please contact us directly.