The SERVIEW Workbook Principle – No chance of being bored!

Training which is no fun? Certainly not! We have already been incessantly pursuing the goal of imparting knowledge in an entertaining way since 2002. That is why we have, in house, strictly banned PowerPoint and other dreary presentations from our training courses.

Serview icon notebook

Our certified trainers will develop all the scrum training content together with you. Innovative training based on the SERVIEW Workbook Principle entertains, grips and has a long-term effect due to its high practical relevance and the involvement of all attendees.

Emotional rather than monotonous: Training without PowerPoint

It is emotions that firmly anchor what has been learnt in the mind. However, at many training courses, unfortunately none of that is apparent. On the contrary: At PowerPoint presentations, inspiring content deteriorates into monotonous, lifeless hollow words.  Text on a slide inhibits feelings, makes the attendee tired, and puts paid to any thrill, so that no added value arises, but just frustration. This is what made us, at SERVIEW, put up a fight against systematic boredom, using our Workbook Principle.

Animated and easy to grasp: Training using the SERVIEW Workbook

To get the most out of a SERVIEW training session, you actively take part in seminars. Our workbooks consist of “complete” and “incomplete” pages. The complete pages contain valuable additional information and explanations. More important, however, are the incomplete pages, as they show drawings and texts which are still incomplete at the beginning of the training. The trainer sees exactly the same content, on a flipchart.

During the scrum training, you formulate all the content together with the trainer, and, in the process, fill up your incomplete workbook pages, adding your very own personal touch. The trainer explains and supplements said jointly designed content on the flipchart, while you record your newly acquired knowledge in the workbook. In addition, examples from everyday life, as well as scenarios of practical application, consolidate and deepen what you have learnt.

As the trainer and attendee collaborate in designing the training together in this way, targeted communication and a lively exchange arise – the perfect basis for internalizing your new knowledge. This, in turn, gives you enough time to reflect on everything covered in the course, and document it. Thus, using the SERVIEW Workbook Principle, you learn efficiently, in a practical manner and with a smile – since with us you will not miss out on the fun either.