Can you become a real Scrum professional in five days? Certainly – with the Scaled Scrum Compact Training! Here you will not only learn the basics, principles and everything that is of import concerning the successful deployment of Scrum, but also find out how you can scale Scrum with Nexus. In addition, you will learn to synchronize a number of teams to work towards a common goal in a results-oriented manner, and coordinate these teams dynamically. Practical exercises deepen your knowledge and prepare you for a number of official certifications – because, after this training, you can officially qualify as both a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. In addition, you will be in a position to successfully pass the Scaled Scrum examination.

In the Virtual Live Classroom, you will be able to attend the Scrum training online from anywhere in the world. All training content is imparted to you interactively and in a practical way, using the SERVIEW Workbook Principle – live by a human trainer, just the same as if you were on site. Join the fun of Scrum training. It gives you plenty of added value!

Your benefits:

  • Live training with a real trainer
  • Training in line with the SERVIEW Workbook Principle
  • Digital training documentation
  • No traveling time or expenses
  • Available irrespective of location
  • Online examination, with an appointment of your choice

2150 EUR p.P.

excl. VAT
examination required
examination fee 700 EUR
p.P. excl. VAT
5 days
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Mon, 01 Nov 2021
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Virtual Live Classroom 2150 EUR
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Mon, 22 Nov 2021
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Due to the interactive SERVIEW learning platform and Education packages sent out in advance, all the options that are offered by any on-site training are open to you in the Virtual Live Classroom. You will be given all training content, as well as the SERVIEW Workbook and supplementary literature, by us prior to commencement of the Scrum training.

In order to attend the Virtual Live Classroom Training, you only need a computer with a stable Internet connection, a headset and a webcam. You will achieve your learning goals dynamically and in live conversation with one of our motivating trainers. You can, at any time, exchange views with other attendees, and discuss the Scrum training in just the same way as if you were on site. The innovative SERVIEW Workbook Principle ensures an ideal training pace and practical examples – this is because boring PowerPoint presentations are absolutely out of the question in our training courses.


You will not need any prior knowledge in order to be able to attend the Scrum Compact Training, since all the necessary content will be imparted to you during the training. Practical knowledge and experience in dealing with Scrum, however, will facilitate the goal of the course.

In addition, we highly recommend you to peruse the official Scrum Guide to prepare for the training.


The training starts at 9 a.m. (CET) and ends at 4 p.m. There are sufficient breaks during the training (coffee breaks, midday break).


DurationAlways 60 minutes per examination.
You complete the examinations following the training online at
Format80 multiple choice and True/False questions (PSM and PSPO).
In addition, 40 multiple choice and True/False questions (SPS).
Additional informationIn order to pass the examinations, you always need to achieve 85%.
In order to pass the examination, you need to achieve 80%.
Exam languagesEnglish
Serview Training Different