Scrum Master II (PSM2) Virtual Live Classroom

Are you already a Scrum Master and looking for detailed knowledge and optimized techniques for your role? Then the course to become a PSM2 is exactly right for you!

In this advanced Scrum Master training, you will deepen your knowledge, develop within your role, and find out more about handling complex situations and obstacles. You will learn to understand various points of view and courses of action better, and internalize the basic attitude of a successful Scrum Master. The deployment of empirical management in order to maximize the product value, as well as advanced collaboration techniques, are likewise on the curriculum in this training. In addition, you will learn how you can expediently serve the Scrum Team, the Product Owner and the organization.

You will pick up all the training content in direct live conversation with a motivated SERVIEW trainer. The innovative SERVIEW Workbook Principle is guaranteed to provide a thrilling, interactive training workflow that is of great practical relevance. In the course of this, you will eventually be extremely well prepared for the official PSM2 certificate offered by – your gateway to the next level of agile project management!

Your benefits:

  • Live training with a real trainer
  • Training in line with the SERVIEW Workbook Principle
  • Digital training documentation
  • No traveling time or expenses
  • Available irrespective of location
  • Online examination, with an appointment of your choice

1190,00 EUR p.P.

excl. VAT
examination required
examination fee 300 EUR
p.P. excl. VAT
exam insurance 60 EUR
p.P. excl. VAT
2 days
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Methodology in the Virtual Live Classroom

Prepare yourself for your PSM2 certification in an ideal way – with the Virtual Live Classroom Training (VLC) you are perfectly equipped for your Scrum Master examination. You will be given relevant literature, the SERVIEW Workbook and all the necessary training documents by us in advance. You yourself only need a workstation with a stable Internet connection, a webcam and a headset in order to attend this training.

During the Scrum Training in the Virtual Live Classroom, one of our certified trainers will impart all the training content to you, enthusiastically and applying the innovative SERVIEW Workbook Principle. To this end, you will develop your expertise jointly, based on comprehensive examples and practical scenarios. On our interactive learning platform, you will have the opportunity to discuss any course-related topic with other attendees, ask questions and give feedback. Thus, the training will feel as if you were all together in an actual seminar room. You do not need to miss out on anything that otherwise only on-site training allows for. As a result, you will learn effectively and have fun at the same time – so that nothing will stand in the way of you becoming successfully certified.


In order to be able to attend this training, you should already hold the Scrum Master certificate (PSM1) of, and provide evidence of at least one year’s experience as a Scrum Master.


The training starts at 9 a.m. (CET) and ends at 4 p.m. It is ensured that there are sufficient breaks during the training (coffee breaks, midday break).


Duration90 minutes.
You complete the examination following the training online at
Format30 multiple choice and True/False questions
Additional informationIn order to pass the examination, you need to accomplish 85% of the achievable points.
Exam languagesEnglish
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